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Here’s Why Busy Co. Beauty Beats Sephora And Neutrogena Every Time

August 31, 2021

Here’s Why Busy Co. Beauty Beats Sephora And Neutrogena Every Time

Let’s face it: sometimes you don’t have time to go through your full, 10-step skincare routine. It’s much easier to grab a beauty wipe and go. But even though wipes are one of the most convenient ways to take off makeup or freshen up after a sweaty workout session, they’re absolutely horrible for the environment. And, they’re more often than not made with harsh ingredients that do no favors for your skin. 

Instead of settling for big names like Neutrogena and Sephora, eco-conscious shoppers looking for true quality are choosing Busy Co. wipes. Here we’ll explain the differences you can expect to find between Busy Co. and other brands, and why they ultimately take 1st place on our list of the best beauty wipes on the market. 

Here's 6 ways Busy Co. outshines other beauty wipe brands.


1. So many more wipe options 

Did you know that there are more than just one type of beauty wipe? The thing is, brands like Neutrogena only carry one kind: a cleansing face wipe. At Busy Co., you have your pick of 5 different wipe options that cover the full body. And each is formulated to meet a specific skincare need. For example, if you struggle with sensitive skin, try their Age Defense Facial Serum Pads. Or, if your skincare goal is glowing, dewy skin, their Brightening Facial Serum Pads are a great pick.

At Sephora, you have a wider range of facial wipes, but that’s it. At Busy Co., you can add body, deodorant, hand, and feminine wipes into your routine as well.   

2. Much better ingredients

I’m not sure about you, but I want to know exactly what kind of ingredients I’m putting on my skin. With Neutrogena wipes though, you might not even be able to find out. Their face wipes include a warning that their ingredient list may not be complete, up-to-date, or reliable. On the other hand, Busy Co. only uses high-quality, natural ingredients to create their amazing wipes. 

When it comes to comparing Sephora with Busy Co., they both offer good ingredient quality. But as you’ll see below, Busy Co. clearly beats them in other categories.   

3. Amazing skincare benefits

A good wipe should do more than simply cleanse the skin. That’s why each Busy Co. wipe includes a rich variety of targeted ingredients like collagen peptides, caffeine, and retinol to brighten, tone, and firm the skin on top of cleansing. 

While Sephora does offer some good skin ingredients, they’re few and far between. Busy Co, on the other hand, adds skin-loving citric acid and aloe vera to each wipe, along with unique ingredients tailored to each specific type of wipe. Instead of just cleansing, each Busy Co. wipe soothes, protects, and refreshes the skin to create long-lasting benefits!

4. No more harsh chemicals

Out of the three brands we’re comparing, only Busy Co. can say their products are completely free of harmful chemicals. Neutrogena outsources their manufacturing to international companies, allowing them to bypass bans on using these harsh chemicals in their wipes. And while Sephora does include a few more skin-beneficial ingredients in their products, they also contain alcohol and fragrances, which can irritate and dry out the skin. 

Only Busy Co. is 100% free of artificial fragrances, parabens, aluminum, and other unsafe chemicals.

5. Each wipe is 100% biodegradable

A big part of Busy Co.’s mission is creating great skincare products that help both people and the planet. To do that, they’ve ensured that each wipe is made of upcycled and unbleached fibers sourced from things like old t-shirts. What’s more, every wipe is 100% biodegradable, which means they won’t clog up landfills. Neutrogena and Sephora can’t say the same. In fact, Sephora wipes even come with a warning label about improper disposal. 


6. Busy Co.’s manufacturing process is sustainable

Like we mentioned earlier, Neutrogena outsources its manufacturing and doesn’t invest in sustainable practices. And while Sephora does make its face wipes in the US, they also don’t intentionally practice sustainable manufacturing. Busy Co. does. They power their American factory using energy generated from the wind and invest in sustainable sourcing methods for their materials


On all levels, Busy Co. wins

From better ingredients, to much more sustainable practices, it’s crystal-clear that Busy Co. wins in the battle of the beauty wipes. By creating products that give the option to cleanse, balance, and refresh your full body and not just your face, Busy Co. is truly listening to the needs of today’s beauty consumers. It’s not just about shaving time off your busy routine, but actively taking care of your skin and the planet at the same time. 

Where to find Busy Co. 

Ready to trade in your old wipes for Busy Co.’s sustainable, skin-friendly ones? Browse their entire collection online, or find them at major retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Core Power Yoga, and more!

When you order online, you’ll receive your compostable wipes in a fully-recyclable container, making it easier than ever to avoid creating waste. Plus, if you order online, you can save 20% off your purchase with code BUSY20!