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March 16, 2021


You may have noticed that our wipes have brown specks.

Understandably, this may incite a little bit of a “wtf?!” moment. Are they moldy? Dirty? What’s going on here?

The short and sweet answer is no! The wipes are perfectly fine.

So what’s with the color? 

Our wipes are made of 100% natural plant-based fibers and are never bleached—so there is natural variation in both the color and texture of our fabrics.

Our wipes contain all natural materials


It’s pretty wild that we as consumers are so used to the aesthetic of the “white wipe”, bleached with harsh chemicals and riddled with plastic, that it definitely takes us a minute to get used to the look of natural wipes. 

But we are very proud to rep the natural aesthetic—let me tell you why. 

They are made from cotton and all-natural materials, which makes them fully biodegradable—and easy on the Earth. 

Our wipes do not contain even a trace of plastic, so they are completely biodegradable and compostable. Once you are done using it, it goes back to the Earth—fully biodegrading in as little as a week, but typically in about 5 months time.

There are other wipes on the market that boast biodegradability—but the key difference is that often they are made of virgin materials, which carry a heavy environmental footprint with them. 

Our wipes are made entirely from upcycled textiles that would otherwise go to waste from clothing manufacturers.

We only use excess fabric scrap from the clothing industry, which means that we never touch any raw materials. Every wipe is made from recycled fabric. By catching the fabrics in the waste stream before they go to landfill, we are giving them a second life before they biodegrade, and mitigating our environmental impact.

So we’ll take our lil imperfections and love them all the more, knowing that they are marks of a wipe that is good for our bodies and good for our Earth. 

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