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How can I contact you?

Ask us anything at all. We’re around M-F, 9-5 EST.

Email -
Call - (646) 201-4870

I have a wholesales opportunity, who should I contact?

Please email our head of business development for more details on our wipes.

Press inquiries?

Email us at

About us

What is busy?

Busy Co is a personal care brand that cares. We are empowering women to take back their time. We think all women, including mama earth, deserve better.

For this reason, we’re committed to helping women look and feel their best with clean ingredients and sustainable materials that are good for our customers and good for the planet.

Why was busy started?

We’re busy.

We are infinite doers with limited time.

Go getters, and get-one-more-hour-of sleepers.

Whether “self care” involves a nap or a treadmill, we reduce to sacrifice beauty and wellness to maximize our time.

So we created soft and refreshing wipes that reset, brighten, and soothe… whatever our bodies demand on our craziest days.

What does busy stand for?

do more with less

We believe women can have more — more time, more energy, and yes, even more naps — with less.

Less rush. Less stress. Less waste.

And it all starts with busy.

Our premium face and body wipes not only deliver the benefits of a shower and facial in seconds, they’re made from sustainable materials and biodegradable packaging that won’t hurt the earth.

The result is a self-care routine that makes you look and feel your best, without compromising your time or your values.

More time for you, less stress on the earth.

What’s not to love?


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept Paypal.

How do the subscriptions work?

We offer subscriptions as an easy way to keep your favorites in stock. Subscriptions are not required, you can order refills anytime from our site, saving $ on packs. Free shipping, every refill, always. You can customize your refill frequency anytime through your account.

How do I cancel, skip or change my subscription ?

If something changes, don’t worry. You can cancel, pause, or skip your subscription deliveries in your account at any time. Just log into your account at to make any adjustments. If you have any trouble, send us an email at and we can help!

How and when am I billed?

You will be billed when your order is created. You will always receive an email notification 3 days before you are charged. You can cancel your subscription at any time free of charge.

I can’t get into my account, now what?

You likely just need to set up your account and password. Send us an email and we will send you an account activation email.

Wipe Information

Are these wipes biodegradable?

Yes! Our wipes are made of an upcycled blended cotton that biodegrades naturally.

My wipes have black specs, is this normal?

Yes! Our natural unbleached cotton contains harmless cotton pulp. This is completely normal and safe.

Do you use bleach in your wipes?

We never use bleach or chemicals in the treatment of our cotton.

Where is this cotton sourced?

Our cotton is upcycled from premium cotton mills in India. We use their waste the best quality scrap cotton that would otherwise be wasted and repurpose it to make a soft, luxurious wipe.

How do I dispose of my wipes?

Throw your cotton in the trash or your local compost. Place your sachet packaging in any curbside recycling bin.

Can I flush these wipes?

Only our feminine wipes are flushable. All other wipes should not be flushed and should be disposed of in a trash / compost bin.

How big are your body wipes?

Our body wipes are 2x as thick and 3x as big as the average baby wipe! They are 10” x 12”.


Is your packaging recyclable?

We are the only wipes in the USA with fully recyclable packaging.

What is your packaging made of?

We use a special lamination process to use only PET in our packaging, making it curbside recyclable.

How do I dispose of your packaging?

Throw your cotton in the trash or your local compost. Place your sachet packaging in 1 curbside recycling bin.


Can I use these wipes on my entire body?

We have wipes specially formulated for each part of your body. All of our wipes are safe for any part of your body.

Can I use your wipes on my vagina?

All of our wipes are safe for use on your vagina, however we recommend using our specially formulated feminine wipes for your delicate area.

Do the face wipes remove makeup?

Our face wipes remove makeup from the skin, but not eye makeup or waterproof makeup as we use a water-based formula.

What do your wipes smell like?

All of our wipes have no added fragrances although most wipes have a light scent that naturally occurs from their ingredients. For example, our Glow Feminine Wipes have a light smell of primrose, one of the active moisturizing ingredients.

Do your deodorant wipes use antiperspirants or aluminum?

Our deodorant wipes do not contain any aluminum or antiperspirant ingredients. All our deodorant wipes use natural zinc to prevent odor causing bacteria.

Are your Feminine Wipes PH friendly?

All of our femnine wipes are formulated to balance PH and promote a healthy biome.


Are your wipes Vegan?

Yes! We never use any animal byproducts.

Are your wipes Cruelty-free?

Yes! We are Cruelty-free and never test on animals.

Are your wipes Pareben-free?

Yes! We never formulate with parabens or sulphates.

Will I see skincare results?

Absolutely! We formulate with active ingredients to immediately nourish and replenish skin.

Do you use natural ingredients?

Yes. Our products are always formulated with the best quality ingredients

What type of fragrances do you use?

We don’t use any fragrances! Our wipes smell like their natural ingredients.


Where are these products made?

All our products are made here in the USA!

How big is your carbon footprint?

We offset our energy usage with wind energy credits from the EPA making our manufacturing carbon neutral.

How are you keeping employees safe?

All our employees are wearing masks and running shifts with less people to ensure social distancing.