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September 29, 2020

less rush. less stress. less waste. 

It all starts with the new Busy Co.

You may have noticed that it looks a little different around here. We have made some really exciting changes here at Busy Co. — let us show you around the new digs!

First off, yes, we have a new name. Hello, Busy Co, nice to meet you! We are focusing all of our energy on what matters most; self-care and sustainability. We’ve seen first-hand the harm that many companies do as they make and sell wipes. In our enduring pursuit to make a difference, we now have something to show for it. 

introducing the world’s first guilt-free wipes

We have always worked to do our best by women; now we are committing to doing our best by the earth too. We have carefully crafted everything in our new line to be as sustainable as possible, so we can offer you the only 100% zero-waste, earth-friendly wipe on the market. Don’t worry,  we added in some fancy skin care ingredients for you too!

Busy was built with women in mind, we envision a future free of self-care standards or social beauty requirements. We believe that all women deserve to get ready on their own time frame! We decided we needed to make a change, for an even bolder brand that could empower everyone to save time for what really matters. 

Busy is just about 4 years old now, (oh they grow up so fast) and we have learned a lot on our journey. Last year we realized how much waste wipes were creating globally, and who knew that 90% of them were made of non-recyclable plastic! Our team had to do something about it, for ourselves, our women, and our planet.

90% of Wipes Are Made With Plastic

We are zeroing in on wipes. We’re devoting ourselves to one type of product so we can really focus on making them the best of the best—for your skin, and for the environment. 

Sustainability has become somewhat of a buzzword, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty here: our wipes are now produced from upcycled textiles that would otherwise go to waste from clothing manufacturers. They are entirely cotton and all-natural materials, making them fully biodegradable (unlike the vast majority of wipes on the market, which contain microplastics which end up wreaking havoc on the earth.)

We Use Upcycled Textiles and 100% Biodegradable Materials

All of our packaging is recyclable. We are only using ingredients that are naturally derived, and are as gentle on your skin as they are on the earth. These ingredients not only provide an immediate solution for cleaning and moisturizing, but also promote long-term skin health. 

We are proud to say that we are the only zero-waste wipe on the market, and pledge our allegiance to Mama Earth. 

Enjoy exploring our new products—we hope you love the changes just as much as we do!

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