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Cotton Wipe Crumpled in Hand

September 29, 2020

So, What is a Wipe Actually Made of?

You may have heard that all our wipes are zero-waste, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

But what does that really mean? What are our wipes actually made of, and how are they made?

Our wipes are:
☑ Made in the USA
☑ Made from pre- or post-consumer recycled content
☑ Compostable (and the packaging is recyclable!) 
☑ Produced with wind power

When you choose our wipes, everything you are buying is made from pre- or post-consumer recycled content, and is either compostable or recyclable. All the ingredients that we use are organically derived, so they are also gentle on the earth. On top of that, our factory is in the United States, which is run entirely by clean energy wind power, meaning you can feel good about every step of the creation of this product.

Why is this a big deal?

A whopping 90% of the wipes on the market contain plastic, which doesn’t biodegrade, but rather breaks down into hundreds of thousands of microplastic pieces, wreaking havoc on our oceans and environment. With 60 trillion wipes used annually, this plastic waste is a major contributor to pollution of our earth.

Our wipe is made entirely from biodegradable material—not a trace of plastic. Therefore, it is able to truly compost back into organic material. You can use our wipes guilt-free, knowing that they won’t add to the landfill, or pollute the oceans.

 Body Wipe Stretched Between Hands

Another really rad aspect of our product is that our wipes are made from the excess fabrics from clothing manufacturers, giving these textiles a second life and close the loop of waste production.

We believe that all women, including Mama Earth, deserve better—which is why we are deeply committed to making products that are made with clean ingredients and sustainable materials.

Good for you, good for the earth.