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September 29, 2020

Product Spotlight: Refresh Sanitizer Wipes

Have you ever had a busy week planned, only to have it totally derailed by getting sick? 

Hand cleanliness is a super important part of staying healthy, so you can keep on kicking a** and taking names.

When you can’t wash your hands with soap and water, our Hand Sanitizer Wipe has your back. Made with two simple, powerful ingredients, it kills 99% of germs while also moisturizing your hands, so you stay healthy, refreshed, and ready for whatever is next on your agenda. 

Hand Sanitizing Wipe Next to iPhone and Purse

Most of us have settled for generic sanitizers with harsh chemicals and fragrances that strip our hands of moisture and leave us with sandpaper hands. These wipes are different. While BZK disinfects and cleans, Vitamin E adds extra hydrating power so you are left with clean, silky hands. 

What is BZK, anyways? BZK is a disinfectant that is incredibly effective in fighting against viruses and bacteria. It has all the disinfecting power of alcohol, without any of the harsh drying or stinging. 

Slip them in your purse, gym bag, backpack, center console—these wipes are individually wrapped and easy to grab-and-go, so you feel your best and stay healthy.

With clean ingredients and completely biodegradable packaging, these wipes are 100% earth-friendly. Open, wipe, compost—it’s that simple.