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Natural Essential Oils on a Table

November 18, 2020

Our Favorite Clean Ingredients

Listen, we get it. The world of natural beauty products is complicated as all get-out. Everywhere you look, brands are labeled as "clean," "green," and everything in between, but what does it all mean?

Well, we are here to tell you that in many cases, those words aren't worth diddly because they aren't regulated or easily defined. At Busy, we define clean ingredients as those that are ethically sourced and manufactured with the well-being of our bodies and the environment in mind. 

Sure, a company can say its products are clean, safe, or non-toxic, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t chock-full of potentially hazardous ingredients. That's why it's really up to you as a consumer to do your own research when it comes to buying natural and organic skincare products. But because we believe buying beauty products should be fun and not some hardcore scientific analysis, we did the legwork for you and devised a list of our favorite ingredients that are *actually* clean and will make your skin (and conscience) feel really, really good. 

Cheat Sheet:

  • Aloe Extract
  • Coconut Extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Coffeeberry
  • Chamomile Extract
  • Arnica Flower
  • Papaya Extract
  • Squalane
  • Oat Extract
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Aloe Extract

This may come as a surprise, but no matter what ails you, there’s a good chance that aloe vera will do the trick. From cystic acne to digestive issues, this standout succulent truly does it all, and the best part - I never have to worry about it causing my skin to freak out. When used topically, aloe delivers a cooling effect that can dramatically soothe cuts, burns, and inflammation. Oh, and did I mention that this powerhouse plant is exceptionally sustainable? Aloe requires minimal land to grow and demonstrates no significant damage to air, water, soil, or forests. Mic drop!

Coconut Extract

Superfood for the skin, coconut  extract is a master moisturizer that's rich in proteins, lipids, vitamins, and other vital nutrients. Its ability to maintain the skin's protective barrier while improving firmness and elasticity is what keeps people coming back for more (myself included!). To top it all off, coconut extract generally has a very low environmental impact, due to the fact that they don’t require pesticides or herbicides to grow, and are harvested by hand. We've done you a real solid by including coconut extract in our Feminine Wipes to ensure that your precious parts will always be soothed, hydrated, and of course, clean! 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E - How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. This heavenly oil moisturizes, nourishes, and leaves skin glowing brighter than a firefly in July. It's also known to reduce hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, which let's face it, is something we can all get on board with. Vitamin E is a true MVP in our Hand Cleansing Wipes, keeping parched hands feeling healthy and hydrated all day, every day. 


In case you needed one more thing to love about coffee, allow us to introduce the whole fruit of the coffee plant. Coffeeberry is a potent natural antioxidant packed with high levels of polyphenols and phenolic acids that help revitalize and soothe skin while neutralizing free radicals. Derived from Arabica coffee plants grown on sustainable farms, the coffee fruit is one of nature's most powerful sources of clean, soluble nutrients. 

Chamomile Extract

As it turns out, the same cooling and calming bennies that this herb exhibits in a cup of sleepy time tea are exactly what makes it so soothing for irritated, inflamed, or just generally stressed skin - and who doesn't experience that from time to time? Chamomile's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities are the perfect solution for everything from blemishes and redness to psoriasis and eczema. Not to mention, it's safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin, which is why I love it in the feminine wipes by Busy Co. Chamomile extract is also eco-friendly to farm and harvest, as it doesn’t damage the air, water, or soils. From the earth to your skin, this powerful lil flower does a whole lot of good.

Arnica Flower

Beyond beautifully painting mountain fields with shades of golden-yellow, arnica flowers contain various compounds known to deeply soothe and cleanse the skin. This botanical extract holds powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that accelerate the skin’s natural healing process while destroying harmful bacteria and fungi. Treat your skin to a bouquet of these beauties using the arnica flower extract in our products - you deserve it! 

Papaya Extract

Sure, papaya is great in an ice-cold glass, but have you ever tried using it on your skin? The extract is made primarily from the seeds and pulp of the bittersweet fruit, which contains antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal attributes. It's also packed with natural antioxidants that help defend the skin from free radicals! Best of all, the process of extracting seeds and pulp is remarkably sustainable.


With so many serums on the market, knowing which one is right for your skin can feel impossible, but one experience with squale was enough to send me head over heels. Not only is it lightweight and suitable for most skin types, but it's also a fantastic natural emollient that moisturizes while it protects and heals. When it came time to choose ingredients for our Calm Face Wipes, Squalane was a total no-brainer.

Oat Extract

Rising in popularity as a humble contender in skincare, oat extract is one of the most binge-worthy clean ingredients around. As the demand for natural and organic cosmetic materials rises, oats are turning heads for their abundance of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This classic breakfast staple also contains compounds called saponins, which are natural exfoliants that remove acne-causing dirt and oil from the pores. Mother nature also loves oats because they remove less nitrogen and other nutrients from the soil compared to other crops, and if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me!

Hyaluronic Acid 

Finally, the pièce de résistance on this list of our favorite clean ingredients is Hyaluronic Acid. No matter what unfortunate situation you're faced with, be it fine lines, wrinkles, or dry skin; hyaluronic acid is there to bring your confidence and comfort levels sky-high. Hyaluronic acid combats inflammation, fights signs of aging, keeps lips kissable, removes matted makeup, eliminates grease, hydrates skin, and sends acne packing. Did you get all of that?

I hope you enjoyed meeting the dream team of our fave ingredients! We put a lot of love and care into selecting the very best ingredients that are good for you AND the earth, so that you can enjoy our products guilt-free, knowing that they were grown and sourced thoughtfully and intentionally.