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3 Ways Colder Weather Can Affect Your Skin - And What to Do About It

October 18, 2021

3 Ways Colder Weather Can Affect Your Skin - And What to Do About It

Fall and winter can be some of the most thrilling times of the year. You get to break out the sweaters, enjoy holidays and festivities with family and friends, and of course, everything is pumpkin-spice flavored. But while the transition from summer to the cooler months can be packed with fun things to do and see, it can also be tough on our skin. Today we’ll be going over three of the most common skin concerns that happen as the seasons change - and how you can get your skin back on track. 

How the transition to fall/winter can affect our skin

Our skin craves consistency. And when the weather changes, that can throw off the delicate balance our skin has worked so hard to maintain over the past season. In the shift from summer to fall, the weather cools, humidity levels drop, and the wind can pick up, which all can strip the skin of moisture, leading to a variety of problems. What’s more, our tendency to indulge in hot baths and things like AC and pipping hot drinks can all exacerbate that loss of moisture. And once our skin is stripped, a variety of things can happen, including: 


When we think aout acne and breakouts, we tend to think about oily skin. But the thing is, breakouts are super common in the colder months. When the skin loses moisture, it overcompensates by producing excess sebum and oil, which ultimately clog pores. 


If you live somewhere extremely cold or windy, it’s not just breakouts that your skin has to contend with. Harsh weather can also cause the capillaries in our skin to contract, creating a flushed, red appearance. And while sporting a red nose on cold nights may be cute, it’s ultimately a sign of dryness and irritation. 


Of course, one of the most common skin concerns during the colder months is dryness. As the skin loses moisture, it can become dry to the touch and have a rougher appearance. 

How to keep your skin happy and healthy

While the changing of the seasons can present some skin challenges, there are actually several easy ways to combat those issues at the source. Along with cutting down on super hot showers or running the AC all day, there are a few changes to your skincare routine that can help your skin find its balance.  

If you’re struggling with acne…

You’ll want to start by treating the problem at the source. Our Clarify & Cleanse Facial Serum Pads include calendula, which helps calm and soothe the skin while minimizing acne-causing inflammation. Plus, AHA/BHA works to clarify, tone, and reduce texture associated with breakouts.

When our skin is breaking out, it can be tempting to over exfoliate. But that will only strip and irritate the skin even further. Instead, our wipes help slough away dead skin cells and exfoliate gently without any harsh physical exfoliants. And if you tend to breakout on your back or other parts of your body during this season, our XL Clarifying Body Cleansing Cloths are made for you. 

If your skin is angry and red…

If you always seem to be flushed and red-faced when it gets colder, you probably have skin that’s extra sensitive to the changes happening around it. Sensitive skin can benefit a lot from soothing ingredients like coffee berry and squalene oil, which is why we created our Age Defense Facial Serum Pads to deliver these calming ingredients straight to the skin. And since these biodegradable wipes are unscented, you can treat your skin without worrying about any extra irritation.    

If your skin is dehydrated… 

Cracked, dry skin is no fun. Thankfully, a little extra help in the moisture department can go a long way in helping skin get its bounce back. For dry, dull skin in particular, we love our Brightening Facial Serum Pads. A hydrating serum and facial treatment all packed into one powerful wipe, these pads bring deep hydration to the skin through hyaluronic acid, while vitamin C works to brighten and tone. 

During the colder months, it’s especially easy for our hands to get chapped and cracked too - particularly when we’re using a lot of harsh hand sanitizers. Instead of stripping your skin, try our Hydrating Hand Serum Pads. These hand wipes cleanse and protect from life’s messes and germs while keeping your hands ultra-soft and moisturized. 

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